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Japan Booze Blind: Chu-hi

Guests James Steele and David Watkins join host Christopher Pellegrini in testing three types of lemon chu-hi.

Japan Booze Blind

It seemed simple enough: make few short videos introducing Japanese drinks to the widest possible audience. We’d give it a funky title and film ourselves bar hopping around Tokyo.

That was the plan, anyway. Several months and countless ‘tastings’ later, the fruits of our labor are finally online for all to see. And of course, it all took a little more work than we had originally anticipated.

Hosted by Christopher ‘I’m a lover, not a fighter’ Pellegrini and filmed on location in some of Tokyo’s best bars, Japan Booze Blind is the product of a dedicated cast and crew.

Producer Garrett ‘I wrote the Wikipedia’ DeOrio not only did the research, he paid for most of the drinks as well.

Alastair ‘I took these in Burma’ Slade and Kayo ‘I don’t have time for sleep’ Shimizu shot the show, finding the best angles in cramped kitchens and on Tokyo’s crowded streets.

Brian ‘The Boom’ Parker battled nearby construction and an overweight bag of sound gear to provide sound on those episodes in which you can’t hear the Director shouting at the cast.

Editor Takeshi ‘The Adjuster’ Fumimota cut the show, as well as provided much-needed Karmic advice.

We were lucky enough to convince many great bars to let us shoot in their establishments. Thanks to Hide (Kadozakura), Traci (The Pink Cow), Johnny (Las Meninas), Take (Garuda) Duncan and Hana (The Lighthouse) for waking up early to open up for us.

Then there’s the guests. To James, Tony, The Daves, Melinda, Simon, Duncan, Alby, Dusty, Naima and Mieko we say thank you. You’re welcome back on the show anytime.

As always we at JBB remind you to drink responsibly – take the blindfold off before pouring for a friend.

Marcus Lovitt


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