Japan Eats

Update: Facebook, flickr and your photos

We want your photos!

Your Japanese food and drink photos, that is. Whether they’re of your homemade curryrice or that inarizushi you snapped last week on the flight to Los Angeles, we want you to share them with the world.

There are now two places to post your images. First, you can upload your photos to our facebook fan page.

Takikomi gohan

Takikomi gohan - just one of the images you will find in our flickr group

Then there’s our brand-spanking-new flickr group.

If you’re not a member of either service and would like to take part, start by signing up – it’s free. Join us and start contributing.

You can also initiate discussions about all things food and drink related on both sites. Have a question about where to buy quality shochu or which Tokyo supermarkets sells imported Iberian jamon? You know where to ask.

So what are you waiting for? Sign in and show us what you’ve got!