Japan Eats

Update: RSS feeds, iTunes and you

We’ve been working hard to make our audio and video shows easier to find and to subscribe to. To this end, Japan Eats has made some changes to the way in which we present and distribute audio and video content.

Previously, we had one RSS feed which was split into three categories. Those who subscribed to the feed received everything we released, whether it was a short video or a longer audio podcast. Nice, but not exactly good for those who only want the shows about Japanese food and have no interest in Japanese drink, or vice versa.

We now have three separate shows on iTunes, each with its own dedicated RSS feed. They are Japan Booze Blind, our flagship drinks show, Tokyo Bites, our show about eating out in the Japanese capital and the Japan Eats Podcast, our panel show where we discuss the latest in Japanese food and drink news.

What does this mean for you?

All our shows are available to watch here on our site. If you wish to subscribe to the shows, the easiest method is to search for the particular show in the iTunes Store and hit the subscribe button. If you use a different subscription service, you will probably have to enter the new feed’s URL manually. They are:

The Japan Eats Podcast can still be found at:

Obviously we encourage you to subscribe to all of our shows, but if you’re only interested in one particular show, that’s great too.

Help promote Japan Eats

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to review our shows on iTunes, like Japan Eats on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. The iTunes reviews are especially helpful as they reach the widest audience of podcast-savvy viewers.

Thanks for taking an interest in what we’re doing here at Japan Eats.