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What we’re drinking: Abbot Ale at “Frigo”

One of Greene King brewery's best known offerings.

One of Greene King brewery's best known offerings.

Never had this beer on tap before (I’ve tried it in a can), but Frigo in Shinjuku had it when I was there. Frigo is a very cool, dark, wooden basement bar that has a huge cooler of pricey, but excellent beer. You can go up and grab exactly what you want to drink. It’s comforting.

Or you can do what I did and stick with the 6-10 beers that they have on tap. Abbot Ale is an amber-colored (slightly orange?) English Pale Ale that has some sweetness to it. The head retention (stop giggling, children) is quite good, and there’s some very interesting biscuit-like maltiness going on in this beer.

I’ll definitely have another one of these the next time I see it on tap. And now I’m craving another one of Greene King’s famous libations, Old Speckled Hen.