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Hello world. This my website!

Hello world. This my website!

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Today technologies do not tread water. The businessmen want to reform the effectiveness of their enterprise and the companies create modern products. By such manners, the most determinative factor today is the trade secret. People are not going to be emotional over their archival depository and to you risk becoming a victim of the data leakage. Hence, the Electronic Data Rooms step into the breach. They can be effective for such domains as biotechnologies, the power supplies, cafes and so on and so forth. They are amazing for the reason that it is not the only option they can offer. With their aid, you may make your life easier to the extent possible. On the other hand, if you come to a decision to start having a deal with it, you can come across numerous questions, and they are concerned with the manifold of electronic data rooms. So, how not to make a mistake? Analyze our piece of advice and come to a conclusion. Besides, it is suggested to find about virtual data room best practices if you have a very tight term of time.

Bear in memory that the key assignment of Virtual Repositories is to keep your materials. That is why you would better pay respect to their security. It is neither here nor there if they say that everything will be ideal. You are to control their safety precautions. Most often, they are customizable document watermarks, non-disclosure agreements, permission groups, and others. But the most game-changing nuance here is the certificate. It is the critical thing for them which confirms that the virtual provider is trouble proof. Keep it under hat.

Always pay attention to the cost. The Digital Data Room should not be expensive. But one more significant nicety is the gratis trial. The normal provider will let you test it for so long. Traditionally, it is about a month. Consequently, you may appreciate it on your own and are free not to pay great sums of money for surprizes.

You must determine your points. It is advantageous because you must balance them with the features of the venture. If it is not skilled enough to keep up with your needs, then choose the other provider.

When you work with the gratuitous attempt, pay attention to the nicety if the service is easy-to-handle. It is of great importance if you do not have a desire to face unlimited issues and devote much time to learning its principles.

If you value your time, it is desirable to pick data room provider, which has the Q&A (Questions&Answers) module. What is it? It is the module for negotiating with your business sponsors. In addition, you have the possibility to post your files with it. You will be puzzled about it, but using it you have the possibility to abdicate different perils. You may carry on talks with plenty of investors synchronously. In such a way, when someone refuses to strike hands, you will dispose of the alternative variants. Consequently, the pros are that you should not waste much time on them and you do not move heaven and earth without knowing the sequels.

It is hard to argue that you have a desire to have a deal with the international corporations. If it is so, then you are to give heed to such details as the multilingual support and 24/7 helpline. The multi-language support is serviceable as your customers should feel comfortable and you have to show them that you set a high value on them. The 24-hour customer support is valuable because you always can get specific rough goings, but of your depositors from various parts of the world and vast time belts will face various severities, they should have the opportunity to get in touch with them twenty-four-hour.

It is difficult to deny that the fresh Virtual Rooms can busy themselves with large numbers of domains, but know for a certainty that they are not always experienced enough to have a deal with some industries. That is why you must carry on talks with them and ask them about it and you can also monitor clients on the Internet forums. Further still, if you see there the globally known companies, it means that this provider is qualified.

In cases when it is extremely difficult to choose the virtual data room provider individually, then you need to trust the opinions on diverse web pages. As a usual, they uncover all the hidden agendas of Electronic Repositories. What is more, on the ground of it, you can elicit from it. If the venture is newly made or not world-famous, do not risk, wait till it becomes advanced.

In conclusion, we can claim that it is not so intricate to meet a just decision as it seems at the first blush, just don’t forget all the recommendations.

By what method to choose a Electronic Platform?

Virtual Data Rooms are favorable in these modern days. More and more people get utilizing them for various reasons. On the other way around, some of them cannot comprehend why they are much better as compared with land-based data rooms and other data vaults. By such manners, we took a resolution to recite the instruments of Virtual Platforms in minute detail.

What are their tools? The ordinary functions of all the providers are:

  • Customer support
  • The perfect retrieval engines
  • The possibility to send the files
  • The safe-keeping of the documents
  • Records Management
  • The chance to have a deal with numerous projects contemporaneously
These are the major opportunities. But some of the providers also grant you such capabilities as:

  • The multi-language interface
  • The day-and-night professional support
  • The Q&A module
  • The great diversification of document formats
  • The ideal safety
  • The possibility to check the activity of your clientage, so you see the rate of their interest

and so on.

The confidential materials is really deciding in our generation and everybody focuses attention on its retaining. It will be easy with VDRs. But don’t forget that you must decide on the virtual data room provider with the unbeatable security. It means that it is obliged to dispose of such security rating as authorization, remote shredding of documents, and customizable document watermarks. In cases when you do not know chalk from cheese, give heed to the certification of the virtual data room provider. In the most cases, it ratifies that it is tested and trustful.

Relative to physical data rooms, the Due diligence rooms allow you to save your time and expenditure and store the bigger volume of archive. Discussing other cloud storages, as a rule, they do not have the high confidentiality, that is why you face risks to become a victim of the information leak.

In cases when you make a determination to turn to having a deal with the Virtual Repository, do not neglect all the recipes for meeting a good solution. It is fateful to check the certificates of the venture for the reason that it is the only verifier of the ideal safety. Don’t forget that not all the VDR services are ready to meet your necessaries, that is why it is crucial to check their aspects and single out your intentions. In addition, it is a good idea to audit their clients because they can acknowledge that this VDR service is sophisticated. Do not pay for long lasting subscriptions without exploring the Digital Data Room by the means of the chargeless attempt.

We understand that you hold dear your time and the virtual providers also do it. And so, you can examine the activity of your buyers. Then and there, you have a chance to scheme your soon-to-be work with the most interested ones. Further still, you audit the overviewed information. If you want to block access to some classified information you are free to limit the access to them.

The Virtual Data Rooms are an all-inclusive instrument. On the whole, they are ready to have a deal with such specifical business profiles as medicine, the power supplies, and media. Normally, they are utilized by the financial sector and lawyer’s offices. Hence, it is suggested to look into about Dataroom-review if you have a very short extent of time.

So, what specific possibilities can you get having a deal with VDRs? If the virtual service offers you the Questions&Answers module, it means that you are allowed to have a deal with your depositors in the data room. The substantial thing about it is that you have the opportunity to abdicate hazards and carry on negotiations with a great deal of bidders simultaneously. It says that in the end, you will not be left without a deal. If we bear in memory the Physical Repositories, it was very titanic to realize because your fund clients could not learn the papers contemporaneously and they had to spend more time on it.

The Electronic Data Rooms can come in useful to people, which like to enter into the transboundary M&A transactions. Firstly, the whole operation will take less time since the downloading of 1 gig of the data will take only 1 second, the sophisticated web search engines will search the necessary hits like a bat out of hell, and the due diligence will be easy to realize due to the fact that the archival depository will be organized for you as you desire. Secondly, the multi-language interface will be beneficial for your partners from all over the world. Thirdly, the around-the-clock client support may get in touch with you day and night and resolve all the troubles which you face. In addition, it will be beneficial for other users who can work in differing time belts.

As a result, it is to underline that the Virtual Data Rooms are more reputed than their antecedents and can be of use to the manifold of orbits.

Japan Macros Posing as Craft Beer

Suntory will debut its "Craft Select" line in May 2015.

Suntory will debut its “Craft Select” line in May 2015.

Finding decent beer in Tokyo used to be as bitter as a custody hearing.

But beer lovers have more to smile about these days. Domestic craft breweries have stepped up, and importers are sourcing decent brews at (increasingly) reasonable prices. Don’t believe me? You can’t do better than to read through the Japan Beer Times for ongoing commentary on Japan’s growing relationship with craft beer.

Unsurprisingly, macro brewer Kirin recently purchased Yo-Ho Brewing in order to stay abreast of the trend towards small(er) batch beer and drinks with more complexity and depth. Nagano-based Yo-Ho makes the surprisingly easy to find Yona Yona (American Pale Ale) as well as Aooni (American IPA), Tokyo Black (Porter), and several Karuizawa Kogen branded labels. Now that they’re privy to Kirin’s distribution network, look for them to pop up just about everywhere in the coming months. They won’t blow a true beer otaku’s kilt up, but they’re a good deal superior to anything that the macros have ever made.

Shots have been fired, so to speak. Consider this the first obvious example that Japan’s biggest brewers are going to start absorbing decent craft outfits. Expect several more before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, all of which will stab beer geeks straight through the heart.

Another one of Japan’s macros, Suntory, is about to throw its hat into the ring with a pair of “craft” beers on May 12th. They plan to offer canned pale and brown ales to their suddenly choice-flooded fans under the “Select Craft” label. The pale ale allegedly uses cascade hops which guarantees that many folks will try at least one.

All of this raises an important question, however. Should beer lovers be receptive to the sudden change of face on the part of the macro breweries? After all, they’ve resisted, and in many cases actively thwarted, the rise of Japanese craft for about 20 years, a mirror image of what’s happening in many other parts of the beer-adoring world. Sam Calagione, the head of the inimitable Dogfish Head, argues that we most definitely should not give them our money because their endgame is to limit choice.

And at this point, Japan Eats agrees. Remember, the battle to find good beer in Japan isn’t nearly as bitter as it used to be. So no matter where you are, support your local brewer.

Japanese cuisine inspires beer, wine, and shochu creativity

Japan imported 2,458,013 cases of sparkling wine during the first nine months of 2014. That’s a 10% increase over the same period last year, and overall craft beer sales were up seven percent through August. This is no doubt splendid news for consumers, but these trends represent tart slices of a migraine pie for Japan’s brewers and distillers.

Beer for "washoku."

Beer for “washoku.”

Izakaya revelers and grocery cart pushers alike are enjoying an agreeable selection of wine and whiskey at bargain prices, and the craft beer selection is perpetually at an all-time high. That’s all well and good, of course, but don’t expect manufacturers to quietly cede territory to alcoholic upstarts and recently arrived, exotically labeled tourists.

Indeed, maturity in all segments of the market is inverting old marketing principles and allowing restaurants and bars to more carefully cater to discerning palates. Japanese food, drink, and advertising companies have reacted to the changing landscape in varied ways, with equally varied success.

Big trends in the drinks industry this year? Well, it seems that one of them is creating the perfect mealtime beverage.

Suntory, makers of one of the pricier macro-brewed beers in Japan, tried earlier this year to market a product that pairs well with washoku, or traditional Japanese dishes. “Wazen,” Suntory’s watery attempt at home-cooked food and beer harmony, has since disappeared from most store shelves, so we may not know until next year whether Wazen sixers were able to steal shopping cart space from Asahi’s bestseller, Super Dry.

“Wa” went well with wagyu, too.

Earlier this year the Westin Hotel in Ebisu hosted a sushi and white wine pairing to show off a collaborative effort by Australia’s Jacob’s Creek winery and Ginza Sushiko Honten. The tandem created a white wine that pairs well with sushi, and “Wa,” the label released in 2013, makes a good argument for inclusion in any sushi establishment’s drinks list.

Guests were not only treated to several plates of Ginza Sushiko’s finest sushi, but also to head chef Sugiyama’s commentary on the process of blending the perfect wine to complement different types of fish and soy sauce. Participants started with spoon sushi, before being treated to everything from squid and sea urchin to tuna and halibut.

The white wine was inspired by Sugiyama’s desire to find new pairing possibilities for the sushi that he serves in Ginza which averages US$200-300 per head. He collaborated with winemaker Rebekah Richardson to create a drink that would accentuate his shop’s well-regarded menu. The result is a white wine that feels at ease next to the flavors of a well-crafted sushi meal.

Try this with your sushi.

Try this with your sushi.

And here’s another new drink that you should try with your raw fish. According to Shochu Pro, Satsuma Shuzo recently released a soft sweet potato shochu that was produced specifically with a fish dinner in mind. The mild-mannered “Jan,” which works wonders served oyuwari, straight, and on the rocks, is especially suited to red (fish) meat, and you know what that means–maguro!

Shochu and awamori have always been at ease cozying up to sushi, sashimi, and grilled fish, but Shochu Pro reports that the Kagoshima Sushi Association reached out to Satsuma Shuzo for something new. The makers of the well-traveled Shiranami and Kannoko brands responded with “Jan,” and although the new kid on the block has yet to be featured heavily outside of Kyushu, it has been well-received at home.

You may recall that UNESCO recognized washoku as an Intangible Cultural Heritage last year, so it’s no wonder that all corners of the drinks industry are clamoring to find a steady perch beside it.

With the 2020 Olympiad looming, prepare yourself for a swarm of drinks begging to accompany your meal. Here at Japan Eats, we’d encourage you to give them all a fair shot.

But take it slow. Leave the headaches to Japan’s alcohol industry.

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Restaurant Review: Smokehouse (Harajuku)

Tokyo has well and truly discovered the pairing of American-style BBQ and craft beer.

Grilled marinated chicken breast with chipotle mayonnaise on toasted whole wheat

Grilled marinated chicken breast with chipotle mayonnaise on toasted whole wheat.

TY Harbor Brewing has a wonderful restaurant out on Tennozu Isle (or however you spell it) that has boasted a top-notch kitchen for several years. The beer’s pretty good, too, and getting better, but you still get the sense that most folks dining there aren’t really there to see how the brews are coming around. However, make no mistake, TY Harbor is no slouch in the brewing department, and they’ve recently found a new way to get their beers out there to the red-blooded folk on the west side of town.

It’s called the Smokehouse.

The Smokehouse is on Cat Street not far from that warehousey second hand shop that features brand name kit previously owned by folks who couldn’t fit into it either. Over the course of several visits, I managed to make my way through much of the food and beer menus.

During my most recent trip, I had the Chopped BBQ Pork (¥1,700) which is fall-off-the-bone soft with a notably smokey flavor. It comes with a side of coleslaw and a muffin, which was somewhat sweet for my taste. The Smokehouse cheeseburger (¥1,500), meanwhile, is fantastic – the perfect balance between soft/crunchy, savory/sweet. Certainly in the running for the best burger of its kind in the city.

Chopped BBQ pork, Carolina spicy vinegar

Chopped BBQ pork, Carolina spicy vinegar

I was also able to try the grilled marinated chicken breast with chipotle mayonnaise on toasted whole wheat (again served with a large helping of fries). This too had plenty of flavor, and maintained its structural integrity despite the presence of tomato, the juices from the chicken and a generous coating of sauces.

Where Smokehouse really excels, however, is in its selection of sauces. Each table has a selection featuring names like “Voodoo Hot”, “House Pit”, “Porter Pepper” and “Carolina Vinegar”. We fancied the herb-rich House Pit, which we were soon squeezing on everything, particularly the crunchy fries that accompanied the burger.

You also can’t go wrong with a side of Chili Cheese Fries (¥900) or a small bowl of Home Style Mac-n-Cheese (¥400). Calories be damned.

All of T.Y. Harbor’s regular beers are on tap with 420 ml (14 oz) glasses for ¥800, and 250 ml (8.6 oz) pours for ¥480. My favorites are still the Pale Ale with its balanced cascade hops and bready malts, and the Imperial Stout which goes from sweet to bitter as it travels toward the back of the palate. There are also always at least a few guest beers on tap that are more expensive but will generally be worth your while, and the spirits list sports more than 20 labels of bourbon, rye, and other craft whiskies from all over the US. The wine list is 10 bottles long (five red and five white) with all priced at ¥5,000.

Smokehouse cheeseburger

Smokehouse cheeseburger

Directions: From Harajuku station, walk down Omotosando-dori and turn right just after Shakey’s onto Cat Street. Smokehouse is about 150 meters down, on your left.

Tel: 03-6450-5855
2F, 5-17-13 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
11:30 – 15:00 (L.O.) & 17:30 – 22:00 (L.O.); Weekends, holidays 11:30 – 22:00 (L.O.)

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Kickstarter Campaign to Publish “The Shochu Handbook”

Hello foodie friends!

The Shochu HandbookI hope you’re having a fantastic day. For the past three years I’ve been pouring my energy into my first publication, “The Shochu Handbook.” Remember when I talked about the project while touring distilleries in Kyushu, and then again when I talked about the process of becoming certified as a Shochu Sommelier?

Yup, it was all part of the plan to get to this point.

Today I’m unveiling the fruit of all that labor, and I hope that you’ll take a moment to check it out:


It’d mean the world to me if you’d spread the word by simply clicking the Facebook and Twitter buttons under the video. Just two clicks will make a HUGE difference!

Many thanks,

Christopher Pellegrini

Restaurant Review: Sumibi Yakiniku Suehiro (Kinshicho)

The menu features a wealth of choice pork and beef cuts for the grill.

Upmarket yakiniku on Tokyo’s east side.

Located about a three minute walk from the south exit of JR Kinshicho station, Suehiro is a superior choice for anyone looking for yakiniku in eastern Tokyo.

There are a number of sets and course meals to choose from, and they range in price from 3,980 yen to just over 13,000 yen per person. The circular grills are embedded in the tables, and you cook the meat yourself just like at most yakiniku restaurants.

The restaurant itself has a chic modern feel to it with low lights and lots of two and four-person booths and rooms. There are about 50 seats in total, so be sure to reserve a table if you’ll be dining at peak ours on a weekend.

You can also order as you go from an extensive a la carte meat menu. The karubi-shio (¥1,050) and hotate (¥880) are tender and excellent when grilled lightly. The tokusen harami at ¥1,800 per serving is some of the best we’ve tried.

There’s also a decent selection of sides such as kimuchi (¥480) and chapuche (¥750). We recommend leaving some room for a post-grilling bowl of cold reimen (¥1,000) or hot buta kimuchi chige (¥1,300) depending on what the weather’s like outside.

Throw some fish on there as well.

Draft beer is ¥490, and Suehiro has an izakaya-level selection of everything else that you’d expect to find. Everything from wine by the glass to shochu to highballs are priced at about 500 yen each, and all-you-can-drink plans are available.

Suehiro is the newest of a family-run, two-shop chain. The original restaurant is on the north side of the station, and the shop detailed here was opened a few years ago. Both are excellent, but we prefer this one because the service is quick and courteous, and the kimuchi moriawase is delicious.

All in all, you can expect to spend between four and six thousand yen per person at Suehiro.

Tel: 03-5669-1529
Sumida-ku Edobashi 3-8-12
Kinsia Annex 2F
Hours: Mon – Sat 17:00 to 7:00 (L.O. 6:30)
Sun/Holidays 16:00 to 7:00 (L.O. 6:30)

Note: Check Suehiro’s listing on Guru Navi and Hot Pepper before you go. They often have coupons for freebies and discounts on course meals.


View Sumibi Yakiniku Suehiro (炭火焼肉 すえひろ) South Gate Shop (南口店) in a larger map

Restaurant Review: EAT (Gaienmae)

Tokyo has plenty of burger restaurants, but few as good as Gaienmae’s EAT.

Beef patty on top, veggies below.

What happens when you pair Kobe beef with a decent chef? Hands-down some of the best burgers in Tokyo.

The chef, MICHI, who has brought his talents back to Japan after opening a successful fusion restaurant in Los Angeles, found a hip little space in the ritzy Gaienmae district of downtown Tokyo to open his American dining burger shop, EAT.

The restaurant seats about a dozen people at one time, but the casual and bar-like nature of the place belies the quality of the fare. Yes, it’s an American burger stand, but EAT specializes in Kobe beef patties, and that alone sets it apart from the small upper echelon of burger joints in this town.

We started with a garden salad of fresh greens, mushroom slices and tomato wedges, and then moved on to a dish of EAT’s fresh French Fries. Don’t be alarmed by the counter-rattling thud. That’s just the sound of the cook running a whole potato through the slicer.

After that, it was on to the burgers. We sampled a cheeseburger and an avocado burger, and both were delicious. The Asanoya rolls are toasted until firm on the grill, and the vegetables are as fresh as everything else on the menu. MICHI’s burgers are stacked so that the juices from the beef patty and the sauce on top won’t waterlog the bottom half of the roll so long as you eat at a normal pace. For those that eat more ponderously, there are paper burger sleeves available to help keep your meal out of your lap.

EAT also has lunch sets that include a small portion of homemade fries with your burger of choice. The few times that we’ve visited, there have always been customers coming in to take advantage of the restaurant’s takeout service.

Great burgers just a short walk from Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium.

The only thing that we could fault the place for was the English translations on the menu. The misspellings were thorough and comical. But perhaps that just adds to the charm. And one thing to be wary of, especially if you have English-speaking children with you, is that the music selection is uncensored (Internet radio channel, perhaps).

EAT has a brief bar menu that features a few imported bottled beers and lots of cocktails. Expect to pay between 1,700 and 2,500 per person for the three dishes mentioned above plus one drink. As with many places, the cost drops if you stop by for lunch.

Directions: This burger stand is about three or four minutes on foot from Gaienmae subway station. Using the route-finder on our smartphone, we walked to EAT from JR Harajuku train station in 20 minutes.

Tel: 03-6459-2432
2-12-27 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku
Hours: 11:30-15:00 and 17:30-22:30 (Weekdays), 11:30-15:00 (Sundays)

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