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Japan Eats Podcast: Episode 8, “Beware the exploding watermelon!”

The panel road test Yuzusco, talk about seasonal produce and issue a warning to those in the market for watermelons

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In this week’s Japan Eats Podcast, Garrett DeOrio, Marcus Lovitt and Christopher Pellegrini discuss yuzukosho, Yuzusco and seasonal produce.

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3 Responses to “Japan Eats Podcast: Episode 8, “Beware the exploding watermelon!””
  1. That Yuzusco was good. Let’s do another podcast where we each have to come up with Yuzusco-accented dish combinations based solely on what is in Garrett’s fridge.

  2. Definitely one of my favorite episodes! I have a few ideas for our next road test…

  3. Great idea, Chris. In my fridge at the moment: Garlic Tabasco, whole mustard, worcestershire sauce, kimchi nabe soup, chipotle sauce, yakiniku tare, vegetable consomme, and, of course, red yuzukosho and yuzu-pon – all of those would go well with Yuzusco.

    Maybe I should got shopping, too.
    No, wait. All is well. I just forgot to list the Shiga-Kogen IPA and the Ichinokura.

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