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Japan Booze Blind: Baird Summer Beers

Host Christopher Pellegrini discusses summer beers with the Baird Nakameguro Taproom’s Marco McFarren.

Baird Beer’s Nakameguro Taproom is a shining beacon for beer-o-philes around Tokyo and is doing its best to broaden that group, not only through events such as tastings and seminars, but through serving some of the best beer in the country.

There are currently 28 beers on tap, all but a few Baird’s own. The few guest beers are also high-quality microbrews. Most beers are 900 yen a pint, with some at 1000 yen and some in slightly differently-sized glasses (depending on type). Smaller sizes and tasters are available.

The Taproom also has a substantial food menu ranging from pretzels and nuts (with free refills, 500 yen) to a fantastic gourmet cheeseburger (1100 yen), with a delicious tangy sauce, fresh, tasty veggies, and an herb-encrusted bun, as well as pub classics, like fish and chips.

Good whisky and some cocktails are available for those who, for whatever reason, aren’t in the mood for one of the best beers in Japan at the moment.

Baird Beer’s Nakameguro Taproom is located at:
Nakameguro GT Plaza C-Block 2F, 2-1-3 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5768-3025

Directions: Turn right out of the gates at Nakameguro station (Tokyu Toyoko line or Metro Hibiya line) and go under the bridge. You’ll see a huge white building (Nakameguro GT), walk through the courtyard and look up to the second floor. The Taproom is above the 7-Eleven and Kaldi Coffee – you can see it through the glass.

The Nakameguro Taproom seats about 60 people at long tables, a small bar, or counters running around the perimeter.

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7 Responses to “Japan Booze Blind: Baird Summer Beers”
  1. Chuwy says:

    Summer ale is lovely.
    Don’t forget Baird won 3 gold medals at the World Beer Cup.
    Only one other brewery managed that – in the world.
    Freakin’ awesome achievement.
    alos check out the Harajuku Taproom and look out for more Taprooms opening in the future!

  2. Hakuin says:

    Great interview, great job Marco! Taking the ‘train in my mind’ to the Nakameguro Taproom now!

  3. Roxanne says:

    I’m not even a beer drinker, and my mouth was watering! 🙂 Great job, Marco – you definitely know your stuff. Hope to see you in Tucson soon. Take care! Roxanne

  4. Joel says:

    great beer but WELL overpriced. bring the 500 yen pint to Tokyo and clear out all the competition

  5. Garrett says:

    It’d be nice, Joel, but with the tax alone standing at 220 yen/liter, 500 yen might actually be impossible for a small batch brewer like Baird.

  6. Joel says:

    Garrett I see your point – maybe 700 yen ?
    The 700 yen pint – is it impossible ?
    I look at Baird’s prices and I just think . . .???? especially when pubs have the gall to sell them at 1,100 yen for an American pint


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