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What we’re drinking: Yamazaki 12y.o.

At around 3700 yen a bottle, Suntory is proud of their flagship single malt, as they should be.  If Kaku-bin is the whisky that made the Yamazaki distillery famous, Yamazaki 12 year old is the tipple that made Japan’s oldest whisky distillery its most prestigious.

A surprisingly smooth, richly-colored whisky, Yamazaki carries notes of the oak in which it’s aged as well as some earthy, nutty flavors. It starts of with a warm and inviting nose – no hints of stridency and carries on in the same way.

It’s satisfying and mouth-filling, but gently trails off and fades away – more rich Adagio than Grand Finale. This is a whisky you sink into a high-backed leather armchair with rather than one you lean over the bar and wince at.

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